Saint Lawrence Fund - What is it?


The Saint Lawrence fund was developed in early 2000 through the efforts of the SSDCA Board, Personnel Board and interested deacons to provide support to deacons and their families.

Deacons like all members of humanity are subject to all the tribulations of life. The community in order that we can support each other established the Saint Lawrence Fund. This fund accumulates tax deductible donations to pool resources to support deacons and their families in need.

The disbursement of aid to community members is conducted through a confidential application to the director of Deacon personnel who forwards the application to an Oversight Committee representative. Any deacon or their family can also go directly to a member of the oversight community with an application.

The application is reviewed by an Oversight Committee member and presented (confidentially) to the entire committee for resolution. The committee contacts the applicant with their decision. Some dispersion of funds are loans others are grants. The theory of the St. Lawrence fund is that no deacon or their family should go without aid. The committee will provide aid to their best ability.

The Oversight Committee submits a report (without names) annually to the Deacon Personnel Board for review. The members of the Oversight Committee are appointed by the Director of Deacon Personnel with the approval of the Deacon Personnel Board.


SSDCA as your organization tithes 10% of the dues collected to the Saint Lawrence fund.