Due by November 1 every year

Deacon Personnel Board requests submission of the Continuing Formation Report for the preceding July 1-June 30 period. 

Do you have your funeral arrangements on file? (Is it up-to-date?)

Deacon Personnel Board requests that all deacons have on file with the "Director of the Office of the Permanent Diaconate" their funeral arrangements. A deacon's funeral is a public event in that his ministry was a public ministry. Ease your family's time of transition by having your wishes already known and in place.





All deacons residing in the Diocese of Rochester and those in formation are asked to support the organization. The only source of revenue for SSDCA is the annual dues, payable in January of each year for the calendar year.

Currently the dues are $20.00 per person, $40.00 per couple.

Dues support all of our activities, SSDCA tithes its revenue at 10% which is transferred to the St. Lawrence Fund with the diocese to support deacons and their families when in need.

Widows and deacons residing outside of the diocese are encouraged to pay dues but they are not required or billed.

Dues are billed early every January payable by March 31st so that your organization can plan and fund the activities for the current year.